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The Revolt of the Earls, 1075

Two of William's new Earls plotted against him.  Roger, Earl of Hereford and his half-brother Ralf, Earl of East Anglia.

According to Orderic Vitalis, the Earls began saying that:

"... the king is unworthy ... all men hate him and his death would cause great rejoicing."

Chibnall, M. Orderic Vitalis (1969) Vol. II, p.318

These were King William's men, not Saxon rebels.  Most Saxons had been scared to stand up to William after the Harrying of the North.  But if two Normans were leading a rebellion, everything would be different.

The Earls could have united all the rebels in England, both Saxons and Normans - anyone upset with King William.  This would have been difficult for William to stop!


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